Our Clients

Are everything to us… literally.

We often find ourselves ending up as good friends afterward.


Here’s what they have to say…

Mary Ann & Marty

 Everything was so great! Steve had all our hard to find music, he was our wedding pastor he and Heather made three videos for us, We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Leslie & Ted

Heather and Steve were amazing. He played our crazy music requests, filmed our ceremony, did our photo booth, and everyone danced all night!

April and Paul

Everything they did was wonderful! They had a film crew for our wedding video, They were our photographers and had a photo booth that could hold lots of people. Steve is the best DJ ever! He got all our friends & family dancing from start to finish.

Kailyn and Dan

We had unusual tastes in music and theme. Steve and Heather worked hard to pull everything off without any hitches. He is so good at selecting music and on the microphone, and our video came out great too!


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