More About Us

Our company has blossomed into an experienced multifaceted event service. Because of this, we will customize your gathering down to every detail.  For example, we offer Mobile DJ and Emcee, Photography, Videography, Photo Booth, Wedding Officiant, On-Site Coordination and Uplighting. So, whether you are having a Wedding, Corporate Event, Anniversary, Birthday, Mitzvah, School function, or any type of party, we have the experience to handle all of your events needs smoothly.

In addition, we use the latest technology and keep up-to-date on current trends. Therefore, we can accommodate large public events and small private parties. 


Steve entertained his friends at school dances firstly while he was in high school. Then after, he confidently accomplished his first wedding at age 18. Since then he has worked over 4000 weddings and events.



Also known as “OZ”. She is the backbone and brains of the operation. As the Business Director of Premier Norcal Events, she has developed a trusted brand. Because of this, their brand fulfills their client’s needs with constant and prompt communication.

She accompanies Steve at nearly all of their events. Often she is missing in action and to be found helping the event in the kitchen, bussing tables, assembling party favors, or even cutting a wedding cake.

Heather is always there to step in beyond her scope of contractual duties. As a result, she makes sure the event runs smoothly.

Most importantly, Heather has procured large corporate companies and events for Premier Norcal Events. For example, Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ and events leading up to the big day, various resort hotels around the Bay Area and NorCal, and many corporations.

Additionally, Heather has become the official photographer for Premier NorCal Events because of her extensive background in photography and editing.

She loves doing big corporate parties and other events. She’s an excellent wedding photographer. Please view her site:


Katelyn represents all there is when it comes to social marketing. Her career as an online marketer in the Sacramento and Bay Area sets her above the competition. 

She has developed a unique and clean way to display facebook, instagram, and online branding.